Our process creates shared and actionable purpose throughout an organization to accelerate learning and to drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Our basic process is the same whether we are working at the individual level for coaching or mentoring, the team level for improving functioning, or the organization level for enhancing culture. We identify untapped capacity by working with leaders to focus on three elements that predict performance levels: individual motives, competencies, and culture.

When motives, competencies, and behaviors are aligned with the work of the organization and supported by its culture and authentic leadership, performance skyrockets. 

Specifically, our process includes conducting in-depth qualitative interviews and using quantitative  surveys to understand needs, challenges and potential; analyzing the data thematically to create a substantial report of specific findings; and in partnership with our client creating a plan of action to put new structures, programs, and behaviors into practice    for optimal impact. This approach provides our clients with high-value information, significant learning, and custom solutions.

Unparalleled knowledge
is the foundation of our ability to conduct intelligent, evidence-based investigations of talent, culture, and structure to reveal the hidden dynamics that work against optimal effectiveness.

Key Elements
that predict performance in individuals, teams and organizations