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Proven Leadership Strategies

Nova Consulting Inc Proven Leadership Strategies are for busy managers/leaders seeking insight to specific job challenges. Receive the distilled wisdom of our coaches in every publication, gathered from years of experience across the world without the high cost and time drain of on-site company training.

Each Proven Leadership Strategies document addresses a specific job challenge with clear step-by-step strategic practices that will up your game, resolve career “derailers”, and help you be the best you can be.

Proven Leadership Strategies Personal documents are available as downloadable pdf files. Each document includes:

  • An introduction—an orientation to the challenge you face, whether you’ve been getting feedback that says you need to improve or you just want to develop more in a particular area.
  • 15+ Recommended strategies/action steps—a comprehensive list of specific behaviors and activities you can practice that will improve your performance on the job.
  • Worksheets to speed your development—workbook pages that help you apply your strengths strategically to the challenge, identify priorities for action, and learn rapidly as you try new approaches.

Proven Leadership Strategies

Setting Vision and Direction

Get things done through others and lead in a way that makes people want to follow.

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Leadership Image and Style

Learn how to demonstrate the most important behaviors that spell confident, capable, trustworthy leadership.

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Relationships and Communication

Establishing productive collaborations, positively resolving conflict, and influencing others to take action are the hallmarks of successful people.

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Individual and Team Development

Understand the dynamics of group interaction to optimize team performance and team spirit.

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