Active Listening


Your Challenge: Are you hearing that you’re not a good communicator? Do you miss out on messages others get, so you come away with a different idea about what was said or hear that you just “don’t get it?” Do you have a reputation for being oblivious or for not listening?


Proven Strategy: Learn how to listen and to discern what’s not said. Most of effective communication is actually great listening. With our strategies for listening well, your attunement to what’s really going on will soar, as will your understanding of those around you.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Confirm that you understood.
After someone has finished speaking, especially if what they said was long or complex, ensure that you are taking away the essentials of the message accurately. Paraphrase back in a few short sentences what you think you heard, as a way to confirm with them—in the moment—that you know what they meant. Don’t be surprised if feeding back their message causes them to change it a little, especially if they were thinking aloud. Your paraphrase can not only help others clarify their thinking but also refine and improve what they meant to say.

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