Becoming a Visionary Leader


Your Challenge: How do you inspire your people to bring commitment and passion to their work? How can you become a visionary leader who attracts others to your cause? What does it take to stand out in your field beyond being good at what you do?


Proven Strategy: Infuse passion and commitment into your organization with the largeness of your view and the way you communicate it. Become the kind of leader whose vision excites others. Our action steps show you how.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Communicate your vision to your top team to enlist their help.
Your rough vision statement should unleash the dreams of your team and spark their imagination regarding their own contributions. For example, your organization may create investment portfolios for pension plans, but asking your team to consider it as “Freeing our parents and grandparents from financial worry” or “Providing a good life for our parents’ old age” will capture their inspiration. Get your team to help you refine your ideas into just the right statement. It may take some work, but you’ll have secured their enthusiasm, and commitment for rolling out the vision to the rest of your area.

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