Becoming More Strategic


Your Challenge: Being told that you need to be more strategic or contribute more to the business? That you’re not working at a high enough level? Or maybe you’re wondering why you seem stalled when others are getting ahead?


Proven Strategy: Take a more strategic view of your organization. Nova maps out the steps that give you a roadmap to business strategy, no matter how large or small your organization. Demonstrate that you can make a bigger contribution, starting today.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Look beyond your organization’s charter.
The goals and opportunities identified by senior management for your area are the minimum standard for success. Look to contribute something more. No matter what your organization’s charter is, especially if you are in a staff area, imagine yourself as the CEO of an independent business to reframe your thinking in the broadest possible way. If your area had to become a competitive entity in the marketplace, what would you do with it? What goals would you have for its development? What strategies would you need to put in place to meet those goals? How would you expand, or become more competitive to serve your clients or customers better? What would represent the highest competitive or value-added way of doing business with the clients or customers you serve, whether they are internal or external? Where would you invest resources? This point of view will enable you to create the kinds of plans that will move it ahead.

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