Being Open to New Ideas


Your Challenge: Being told that you’re resistant, not open to others’ ideas? Do people think you’re oppositional? Are you getting your views across by stating them over and over again?


Proven Strategy: Maximize your contribution by maximizing those of others. That’s not really a paradox but the way great leaders work. Use our strategies to change your reputation, and watch your colleagues appreciate the difference.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Voicing disagreement is not a guarantee of prevailing.
Just because you disagree does not mean you will prevail. Your objection will help the group approach decision-making more intelligently, and it is evidence of your desire to contribute. But persisting when all the signs say that others do not agree—and that they can overturn your decision—serves no purpose. If you are sure people have heard your point, and yet want to over-rule it, it is time to desist. If others’ decisions will create what appear to be significant problems, turn attention to what needs to be done to address these foreseeable consequences, but without blame or rancor. Frame your response in a problem-solving mode. Example: “Okay, if this is the path we are choosing, it is likely to produce the following consequences….I can see how we might resolve…, but I’d like the group’s help to think through how we can best address….”

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