Communicating Effectively


Your Challenge: Ever wish you could read people better to see if you’re getting your message across? Are you making the impact you want when you speak? Are your interactions productive exchanges, or are they characterized by misunderstandings?


Proven Strategy: Learn to communicate effectively with others in formal and informal situations. You really can tell if your audience is getting your message, and you can improve your style to up your chances of being understood. We can show you how with specific strategies.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Be clear, direct, and to the point.
Be concise and specific. Practice giving your message in the fewest possible words, and using precise language that says exactly what you mean. Language that describes behaviors people can see is most specific. Example: Instead of, “Our customers are upset about the quality,” notice how much more is conveyed by, “Twenty customers across five territories are returning their shipments as unsatisfactory, which will cost us….”

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