Creating a Positive Work Environment


Your Challenge: Do you look around and wonder why some teams are so productive and seem to have fun at work? Do your people contribute discretionary effort without being asked? How can you create a positive work climate that enlivens people and gets results?


Proven Strategy: Make your presence one that builds team spirit and contribution. Our steps tell you how to go about it. Positive work environments are indicators of healthy teams. Start building one now.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Be “one of the group.”
Make it a point to drop in on people just to say hello, not because you need something. Treat them as though they were your manager, asking what is on their minds or how you can be of help. Respond to them with the alacrity and resources you would apply toward more senior management. It levels the playing field and breaks down barriers—not only between you and individual team members, but also creates a norm of collegiality and collaboration for everyone.

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