Cultivating Your Influence Skills


Your Challenge: How well can you get what you want from people who don’t report to you? How do you convince senior management or peers to follow a course of action you advocate? How can you get direct reports to adopt your approach happily and voluntarily?


Proven Strategy: Know that different situations require different strategies, even ones you may not like. Nova’s strategies tell you how to build support for your views, and how to skillfully navigate conflicting interests in your organization.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Appeal to your audience.
Assess the different needs and capabilities of each audience you want to influence to see how to make yourself understood as well as how to maximize your changes for getting agreement. Ask yourself: What’s in it for them? How will my information and ideas affect them? What’s most important to them? What proofs or arguments are most likely to appeal to them? How should data, especially bad news, be conveyed to be most convincing concerning your goals? What medium and back-up materials will be most helpful?

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