Delegating Successfully


Your Challenge: As a manager, are you the busiest person in your organization? Are you the only one who’s really competent in your area? Can you trust your people to produce high-quality work you’d put in front of senior management or customers and clients without your seeing it?


Proven Strategy: Step back from doing the work and start working your people. You’re not leading until others are doing the work and you’re focusing on higher-level things. Use our strategies to learn how to delegate, and watch productivity soar.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Delegate without overlap.
Make a concerted effort to direct your requests for action to the appropriate parties, and make it clear to others who is responsible for which assignments. Keep or publish a list, if necessary, on complex projects. Ask for your team’s help in identifying overlaps or lack of clarity about who is responsible for a task. Accept that everything cannot be done at once, so think through the logical steps and then let go of a project until it is reasonably time to check on progress with each party.

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