Demonstrating Readiness for Promotion


Your Challenge: Do you feel ready for that next step up, but find your career stalled? Or worse, are you unnoticed while others seem to pass you by? How can you get upper management to recognize your capability?


Proven Strategy: Remove the doubts about your capability and the barriers that might make it hard to move you up. Demonstrate that you’ve got what it takes by engaging in these behaviors. They’re the best case you can make for yourself.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Show that you think beyond your area.
Look at every opportunity and decision in terms of its ramifications for the larger organization. No event or decision only affects your area. Get in the habit of considering more global issues when making decisions. Does what would make sense just for your area also make sense in the larger context? Would it be advisable to discuss trade-offs or conflicts between your area’s immediate interests and goals and the organization’s larger objectives with your manager or other leaders before making a decision? Be willing to “take a hit” for your team if it serves the larger organization, and be sure you’re the one to identify this challenge and speak out first. Always spell out such suggestions in terms of their potential drawbacks and benefits so others can appreciate that you’ve done your homework.

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