Developing a More Relatable Leadership Style


Your Challenge: Are you hearing that you’re “cold,” “aloof,” “harsh,” or “tough?” Do people largely keep quiet in your presence and wait to be told what to do? Do people “snap to,” only talk about business, or justify every request when you’re around?


Proven Strategy: Realize that even business is not just business—certainly it’s not all business. Getting the most out of people paradoxically means working from the heart, not just from the head. Nova’s strategies can create a warmer, more humane approach to better results.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Praise in public, criticize in private.
The only opinions of anyone’s performance you should ever express in a public forum are positive, and you should use every opportunity to compliment people and acknowledge their contributions. Never, under any circumstances, criticize someone publicly, no matter how strongly you disagree. Remember that the only point of negative feedback is constructive correction. Focus on the behavior, not on the person. Never say anything that seems to devalue the person’s worth.

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