Developing a Stronger Leadership Presence


Your Challenge: Are you wondering why others are always named before you for new opportunities? Are you too much of a team player, too little recognized as a leader? Do you get the respect and recognition your peers do from senior management, their peers, and their direct reports?


Proven Strategy: Show people that you have the vision, determination, and drive to make a major contribution. Nova’s steps to a stronger leadership presence will help you become the guiding force for your area and a respected resource in the organization.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:
Advocate for your area.

Your area is affected by the way you work the organization politics, and you are the ambassador and chief negotiator for your people’s interests. Your effective, proactive advocacy as a champion in good standing is essential for your team. Take an active role in initiating approaches that further your group’s ability to contribute to the business. Determine an optimal set of strategies to move your area ahead with the least resistance, and where you can leverage political interests for the greater good of your area. Start working that plan to build the relationships that will facilitate your group’s progress.

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