Developing Trust in Relationships


Your Challenge: Are you wondering why people don’t seem to trust you with information? Do you feel others know more about what’s going on because they’re on the inside track? Do you have a reputation for lacking integrity?


Proven Strategy: Start demonstrating the behaviors that inculcate trust now, but expect that it will take time. Trust always does. But Nova’s strategies can get you on the road to demonstrating trustworthiness to build a reputation for integrity in the shortest possible time.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Keep commitments, no matter what.
Determine what kinds of commitments are the most difficult for you to keep and why. Do you forget, slip back, or keep arguing? If so, write every promise down and the date it must be met. Review your records every week to be sure you are on target, and do whatever you must to keep your promises. Most people do not keep commitments because they were not truly committed in the first place. Learn to speak the truth when asked to do something, and make only promises you are willing to keep—no matter how great the inconvenience or self-sacrifice.

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