Giving Direction Effectively


Your Challenge: Are you continually frustrated when your people can’t seem to “get it” and turn in work that misses the mark? Do you find yourself redoing work a lot? Does work in your area go through more than three iterations or revisions?


Proven Strategy: Learn to give clear, specific directions the first time. Nova maps out the steps that give you a roadmap to accountability, yours as a manager and your people’s. Free yourself up for a bigger contribution by creating conditions for your people to succeed by turning in on-target the results the first time around.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Check in with your team to monitor progress.
After giving out team assignments, check back with each person periodically to see whether they need further direction or input. Do they understand what they need to do the job? Do they have the resources they need? How can you support them to ensure their success? This kind of active interest and supervision is as necessary as the delegation itself. It not only shows you care, but it gives you an opportunity to see what each person needs to learn next.

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