How to Develop Your Team


Your Challenge: How do you do team-building? How do you mesh diverse talents into an integrated whole? How do you take team functioning to a higher level?


Proven Strategy: Balance between being one of the team and its leader. Take responsibility for orchestrating talent, but encourage team members to take ownership of their performance. Nova maps out the steps to develop your team.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Encourage others to build on your ideas.
Everyone has ideas about projects, and it’s been proven that groups come up with better solutions than individuals. Develop team member talents and your ideas by giving everyone a chance to contribute. Take your ideas to your team. Ask for their input, ideas, and criticism about advantages and disadvantages. Listen attentively and respectfully to what each person has to say. They’ll be glad to be consulted, and you’ll come up with a much better set of ideas and solutions.

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