Improving Relationships with Direct Reports


Your Challenge: What do you do if your team is disenfranchised? How do you respond when you get feedback that you’ve offended, overlooked, or misused people? How do you, as a manager, rebuild relationships where there has been bad blood, dissent, or lack of trust?


Proven Strategy: Humility, communication, and a firm stance are the basis of the steps to productive, fulfilling work relationships between you and your people. Mending fences takes time and overt effort. We can get you and your area back on the right road.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Apologize where you have offended.
Determine where your style may have been insensitive or even hurtful. Go to those individuals privately and ask their pardon sincerely, stating what you wish you had done differently and acknowledge that you regret having caused them pain. You need not back down on differences of substance, but this is not the time to air those. Ask how you and they may go forward better in the future. Be sure to listen attentively and earnestly to their input, and give them a chance to vent their feelings without defending or excusing yourself. Agree on how you can work better together in the future, especially in terms of discussing needed changes in performance.

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