Improving Relationships with Peers


Your Challenge: How can you build bridges with peers, especially where you or someone in your group may have offended? How do you overcome a negative reputation your group may have with another function? Or a negative reputation your group may hold of the other party?


Proven Strategy: Take responsibility, but without becoming a scapegoat. Peer relationships require delicate handling as they can make or break you in an organization. Learn how to work with differences or damaged relationships skillfully with Nova’s steps to more productive interactions.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Show open-minded respect for different expertise and experience.
Let your peers know that you respect their abilities and welcome their contributions, no matter how much you may differ on approach. Productive collaboration often means not getting your own way but bowing to another opinion that is equally valid or identifying a third way both sets of objectives can be met. Doing so shows solidarity and respect for your associates—besides often being the optimal thing to do. One of the most effective things you can do to restore harmony among your colleagues is to stop insisting that your way is the only one. Unless unusual issues are at stake where you truly have better information, acquiesce to another point of view once you have advocated for your opinion. Do it gracefully and appreciatively.

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