Improving Team Interactions


Your Challenge: Do a few voices—including yours—dominate the airtime in meetings? Is it hard to involve everyone on the team? Are people hanging back, waiting for direction from you rather than actively participating?


Proven Strategy: Get everyone on board, and add value. Let us help you modify the way you orchestrate the talent pool your team represents to get the best contributions out on the table. Use our recommendations to animate your team in a productive and positive group interaction.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Get out of the telling mode by asking and inviting.
Leaders who tell people what to do stay in the “expert” role and depress their people’s development, no matter how helpful they think they are. Instead of telling people what to do or what is not feasible about their ideas, deliberately use a questioning style to lead them to think through the implications of their ideas. Keep declarative statements to a minimum. Instead, draw information out of your teams through gentle questioning (not grilling). You’ll be surprised at how much they know, and they’ll be stretched farther, faster. It’s the most respectful, collaborative approach you can use, and it will generate better ideas and camaraderie as well as growth.

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