Improving Team Meetings


Your Challenge: Is most of your meeting time unproductive? Do you struggle to get fruitful discussions in meetings that produce decisions and direction? How do you make the most of the time you bring to your talent—and the overhead they represent—together?


Proven Strategy: Follow a structured process that allows for great flexibility in meeting design and drives to outcome. Nova’s strategies involve team members in a streamlined process that builds commitment and productivity. You and your team will be delighted at how efficient your meetings become.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Use meetings for team development.
Use the time the team is together for substantive issues that cut across all members. Appropriate topics include anticipating and planning workload capacity and strategic issues. Meetings should be reserved for planning, problem-solving, decision-making, and brainstorming. Topics should take the form of questions rather than statements, such as, “How can we…?” Your job is to moderate and facilitate the free exchange of ideas and suggestions, get consensus on what needs to be done, what the priorities are, and allocate the work. This method pulls on the wisdom of your team, allows you to ask questions to sharpen their thinking, and helps develop the group’s strengths collectively and individually.

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