Lobbying for Your Organization


Your Challenge: How do you ensure that your area gets its share of attention and resources? How can you build a high, positive profile for your group? How can you be sure the value-added of your area is demonstrated tangibly?


Proven Strategy: Build productive collaborations, and market your area’s contribution wisely. Manage potential competition with other areas adroitly. Adopt these specific behaviors and see the difference in how your area is treated and the results you get.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Build alliances for your organization.
Market your organization to internal clients the way you would to customers. Spend time with internal clients to get to know their needs, key decision-makers, processes, and how your group can benefit them. Actively network to expand the number of your relationships in ways that are helpful in providing information and resources to all. Invite people from other groups to provide input on your projects and gain their support for what you want to do.

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