Managing Emotions as a Leader


Your Challenge: Are you hearing that you’re “too emotional” at work or that you “wear your heart on your sleeve?” Do you find yourself losing your cool in heated exchanges? Is your style viewed as markedly “over the top” compared to others in your organization?


Proven Strategy: You don’t have to sacrifice passion for professionalism. In fact, with Nova’s strategies, you’ll find you can still care and increase the likelihood that you’ll get what you want—not sacrifice it. Create a style that works better for you.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Listen to others without displaying strong emotions.
Cultivate silence in your mind so you can hear what the other person is saying without having your mind fill with your own response. Look them in the eye and concentrate on just taking in what they are saying without becoming impatient, interrupting them, or having your emotions be triggered. Make notes on items that you want to focus on but stay with the speaker’s flow of meaning. You can always come back to the notes again. Bracketing your feelings will enable you to completely take in a message without distorting it because your emotions got in the way. It will also encourage the other person to say everything without cutting themselves off because they fear your response.

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