Reading People Better


Your Challenge: Do other people seem to pick up on cues you miss? Do you have trouble discerning what’s going on behind the spoken words? Are you often surprised by people’s reactions?


Proven Strategy: Learn to read, verify, and address unspoken cues. Nova can help you tune into messages at multiple levels so you can better assess what’s really going on, no matter whether people are just voicing “the party line.” Nova’s proven strategies will jumpstart your ability to read people.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Look for messages at multiple levels.
When someone is speaking, give him or her conscious attention. Maintain eye contact and listen to the words as well as their meaning. Try to pick up their emotion through their tone, body language, or use of key phrases. This will help you absorb the full extent of their communication and make them feel important at the same time. Do the same when you are talking. Scan the faces and postures of people you are addressing for external, unspoken cues to their emotional reactions. If you have trouble sensing what others are thinking and feeling, develop the habit of asking direct questions, such as, “What is your initial reaction to what I have said?”

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