Reducing Stress in Your Organization


Your Challenge: Are you worried about how your team can withstand ever-increasing demands, tighter deadlines, and fewer resources? Have working conditions set an unrelenting pace that is stressing everyone out? How can you lead your team to produce the needed results while the threat of layoffs is in the air?


Proven Strategy: Crisis leadership demands a set of different behaviors, and Nova has proven strategies to help you reduce stress in your area. You may not be able to change your external business environment, but you can create a positive work environment for your direct reports. You and they can stay productive and focused under pressure. Find out how.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Make unpopular moves decisively and balance with positive news.
When it is necessary to take radical steps that will be unpopular with employees, such as going to a reduced work schedule or closing facilities, make the moves quickly and decisively. The longer such moves are delayed, the more anxiety and tension build in the organization that would be better released. At the same time, you need to demonstrate your genuine, disciplined effort to move in a direction that provides hope. Announce how making the change will benefit the organization and its remaining employees. Whenever possible, demonstrate what you are doing personally to make things better. For example, when a graduate school had to announce a hiring freeze and budget cuts, the same announcement included budget projections showing how the changes would keep the school going for the next two years—and further, that all the top administrators had voluntarily agreed to cut their own salaries by 10% to offset expenses during that time. Faculty were so inspired they all volunteered to take on more work, such as teaching an extra class for no additional pay on the spot.

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