Resolving Team Conflicts


Your Challenge: Is your team characterized by factions? Do people avoid speaking their minds and directly disagreeing, only to have dissent leak out behind the scenes in corrosive ways? Or is your group a battleground of contention?


Proven Strategy: Turn conflict into an asset. Manage and resolve conflict skillfully as a means to more creative solutions, synergizing your team’s diverse contributions. Use our strategies to turn conflict into spirited exchanges that produce superior results.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Invite diverse viewpoints and create a way to resolve difference.
Encourage open discussions by balancing who has airtime and how much emphasis is given to different interests. Rather than feeling you must be the one to integrate or unify differing views, ask the group what integrative solutions they can generate or how they might resolve differences to come up with the best solution. Don’t allow people to give up or “check out” and leave the field to those most invested or most vocal. If the group can’t agree, or you have a different opinion, be willing to acknowledge their contributions but state your decision as the final direction.

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