Taking a Stand


Your Challenge: How do you take a stand to advocate for a position effectively? Are you afraid to champion a controversial or unpopular cause, even though you believe it to be the right course? Should you take a stand when you fear you’ll do so alone and that you’re likely not to prevail?


Proven Strategy: Taking a stand with integrity and finesse is never wrong, no matter what the outcome. We can show you how to do it—and how to retain, if not magnify, respect for yourself in the process—no matter what the outcome. Nova’s strategies show you how to take a stand with courage, grace, and aplomb.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Embrace your responsibility as a “corporate citizen.”
Cultivate a respectful but questioning attitude toward the workings of your organization in general, asking yourself how decisions and policies jibe with best practice, ethics, and emergent conditions. Practice standing up for your views and for your people when you disagree with a trusted colleague or manager. Ask them for feedback on how you presented your position, and how they felt when you disagreed with them. Work with that feedback to lessen your fears about taking a stand and cultivating skillful means for getting your point across.

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