Taking Calculated Risks


Your Challenge: Are you hearing that you’re too conservative? Are you being held back by your reluctance to take risks? Do you want to make bolder moves but fear the downside could be too great?


Proven Strategy: Learn to evaluate how much and what kinds of risks to take. Nova’s strategies show you how to assess risk and discern how to increase the odds of a favorable outcome. You’ll be able to tell when taking a risk is the best course.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Decide what is risk-worthy.
Make sure what you’re taking on when deciding to take a risk. Investigate the pros and cons, all possible outcomes and alternatives to the situation before deciding what you’re going to do. Remember that it isn’t risk, but calculated risk that you are determining. Develop a shared definition for “intelligent risk taking” with your team and respected colleagues. Use this as a guideline for future opportunities that come your way. When you are sure the potential for gain is worth taking a chance, you will have a sense of peace and integrity about the rightness of your choice, even if the outcome is uncertain.

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