Taking Things Professionally Not Personally


Your Challenge:
Do you often hear, “Don’t take it so personally?” Is your ego on the line when decisions don’t go your way or others get more noticed than you do? Do you find yourself wondering how others seem to take disappointments, challenges, and setbacks in stride?


Proven Strategy: Realize that very little at work is about personalities as such. Nova’s proven strategies will do more than steer your outlook into more productive channels. They’ll help you cultivate the habits that make you more effective and less subject to disappointments.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Display temperance and graciousness in a dispute.
While it’s natural to feel anger, frustration, and disappointment when you sense that you may not prevail in a conflict, displaying those feelings is often inappropriate as well as counterproductive. Maintain your professionalism by controlling your mannerisms, nonverbal and otherwise. Especially avoid the “give-in with poor grace,” in which your words acknowledge that you’re conceding the point but your tone and non-verbal mannerisms condemn and begrudge (red face, rigid posture, and abrupt movements). Keep your words, tone, and non-verbal mannerisms even-keeled and professional, expressing a wish for the best, such as a graciously genuine, “Okay, let’s hope it succeeds.”

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