Working with Emotions on the Job


Your Challenge: How many issues do you avoid because you’re afraid of the other person’s emotions, whether angry outbursts or tears? To what extent is performance being crippled by your own fears and confusion about confronting potentially emotional subjects and people?


Proven Strategy: Treat emotion as energy—something that can be channeled productively, discharged harmlessly, or build tension until it explodes. Let us show you how to manage it skillfully using Nova’s strategies. You can bring grace, ease, and confidence to even the most difficult conversations.

Here’s a sample of just one of the strategies you get:

Give difficult news gracefully.
Delivering disappointing or frustrating news is part of a leader’s responsibility in helping people improve their performance. Face up to it squarely because evading or temporizing only makes things worse. Do not try to underplay the situation, or “take it back.” Stand by valid severity. Allow silence to permit the person time to process the message without cutting them off because you may be uncomfortable. Ask what they are feeling, and hear them out without trying to make their reaction different. Feelings are always valid; they are not logical, right or wrong. They just are what they are. Acknowledge what the person is saying without having to “fix it.” Sample: “I hear that you are feeling disappointed and angry.”

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