Nova’s expertise blends data-driven analysis with in-depth business and psychological insight to create measurable impact on performance.

Nova is a visionary leadership consulting firm dedicated to cultivating human capacity. We build leaders who are authentic, wise and exceptional. At the heart of our work is the principle of uniting inspiring leadership with employee talent at all levels of the organization. Nova’s unparalleled assessment methods to predict excellence are reflected in our competency-based services at the individual, team, and organization level. Our services at each of these three levels identify the unfiltered, unrevealed intentions and behaviors that shift engagement and potential to serve the highest purposes.

  • Selecting for Excellence
  • Coaching for Growing Potential
  • The Mentoring Collaborative™
  • Collaborative Mentor Surveys™
  • Talent Capacity Surveys™
  • Leadership Excellence Surveys™
  • Interpersonal Capital Surveys™


The Nova team believes that all employees have the potential to make a meaningful contribution. Our seasoned experts guide, coach, and mentor the growth of individuals through an understanding of the most subtle and often hidden interpersonal and organization dynamics that affect performance. We identify areas of development for the individual with specific strategies and action plans that are transformative and insure full realization of potential and contribution to the organization.

“For nearly 3 years, Mary was my executive coach, providing me with perhaps the most enlightening and insightful guidance at an important time in my career. She has such refined expertise in helping you understand how and why you are who you are, and how that plays into your problem solving, decision making, interactions, reactions, leadership, risk management and more. Mary gives you meaningful and relevant tools that not only help you play to strengths, but also gives equal credence to working through vulnerabilities. She brings integrity, compassion, objectivity and a graceful humanity into every interaction. Her impact on my professional self is still felt every day.”

— Ramona Biliunas
Division VP, Marketing
Sears Holdings Corporation