Nova’s expertise blends data-driven analysis with in-depth business and psychological insight to create measurable impact on performance.

Nova is a visionary leadership consulting firm dedicated to cultivating human capacity. We build leaders who are authentic, wise and exceptional. At the heart of our work is the principle of uniting inspiring leadership with employee talent at all levels of the organization. Nova’s unparalleled assessment methods to predict excellence are reflected in our competency-based services at the individual, team, and organization level. Our services at each of these three levels identify the unfiltered, unrevealed intentions and behaviors that shift engagement and potential to serve the highest purposes.

  • Improving Interpersonal Relationships
  • Building Interpersonal Capital
  • Building a High Performing Team
  • Elevating Team Dialogue


At Nova we use our understanding of what motivates and inspires individual talent to work with your teams to build the ability to solve complex problems through novel ways of thinking.  Our comprehensive analysis of interpersonal relationships and the way team members work together unifies the team’s purpose to meet growth and performance goals.  Team leaders learn to draw out individual talents and orchestrate diverse interests to produce the best solutions.

“Mary Esteves clearly has a gift of mastery over her craft. She uses intuition and knowledge to provide targeted interventions to her clients that result in bottom line results. Mary’s keen ability to marry the needs of individuals with business success is obvious to anyone that has had the pleasure of working with her. In over 25 years in business I have never worked with anyone who shares her insight and integrity. Mary is simply the best there is to turn performance into gold medal results.” 

— Cheryl Cunha
Independent Professional
Training & Coaching